Raddish(mooli) chapathi/mullangi chapathi)

Hi! Todays recipe is a quick and nutritious. Radish is one of the vegetable which is not used regularly by most of them as other vegetables.But this is the vegetable that should be added to our everyday recipes.So this can be one of the method that can increase our diet with more healthy.

Radish - 1(medium size)
whole wheat four
oil - 2tsp

1. Grate the Radish finely.
2. Add the grated radish,salt,oil to the whole wheat flour and very little amount of water and make a soft dough.

3. Let the dough stand for 15min.And again knead the dough once.

4. Make small  balls, dip each one into dry whole wheat flour, and roll out into thin circles.
5. Place a flat, ungreased griddle on the stove at medium low.Place the rolled chapathi on griddle Turn it after a 1/2 min then place the roti on the flame on full high then it puffs up immediately turn to the other side it may puff up again and tiny brown spots appear.take it to a plate.

Simply you can Place a flat, ungreased griddle on the stove at medium.place the rolled out chapati on griddle and cook both sides untill brown spots appear.apply oil when its cooking is optional.

Your Radish chapathi is ready to serve with any kind of curries.

  • Use very less water when making the dough because radish looses water.
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