Welcome to Souji's home...
Place to learn & share

Hi! I am Soujanya born and brought up in vizag the beautiful coastal city of Andhra Pradesh with beaches and many beautiful landscapes.

Why Souji's Home?
The main intension of creating this blog is simply to share.share.share."Share" about what all i learned,still learning(learning ends when we stop living) from my mom,mother-in-law,blogs,friends etc.

What is there in Souji's home blog?
Home blog includes Kitchen Room,Craft Room,Pooja room &finally "Sharing room" by guests(others).

Kitchen Room -is the place that shows you quick,simple,tasty,healthy and some "try out"recipes that carry out the authenticity of Indian vegetarian/Non-vegetarian cooking with stepwise pictures,will make easier you to understand especially for new to cooking Indian dishes.Most of the dishes will be Andhra flavor which i have learnt from my mom's and mother-in-law's kitchen  and anything which i liked and learned.I want to preserve the culinary tradition that has given to us from our parents/grandparents.Half the fun of cooking is experimenting, so give it a try and make these dishes uniquely your own!
Enjoy cooking! 

Some space for Health Benefits the benefits of vegetables,fruits,food which i learnt, wants to share with you.
The Glossary tab will show the index of names of spices,lentils,vegetables,fruits,etc in ENG-TEL translation.

Craft Room-Souji's Gathering & Ideas blog is the place for handmade/homemade Arts/Crafts which can give more fun/real beauty to your living.Some of the collection is from my gatherings and some are my creative.I believe that once we learn something then we can be more creative that can be anything.So i would like to share some art/crafts that i learned and tried with again step wise pictures which give you more clear instructions.

Pooja Room-Souji inta pandagalu is the place for sharing the memories/methods of celebrating/doing festivals,poojas,vratams etc.from my childhood(till now) i love and feel excited about the  festivals/poojas which breaks the routine busy life.

I am trying to place a room called "sharing room" which invites you to share anything with others like tips,arts,recipes etc if interested.

Subscription policy:There is a feedburner email subscription policy in the side bar.just leave your email address you will receive updates of my latest posts.

Any mistakes or feedback are always appreciated.So that i can correct.


  1. Congratulations Souju..
    it is really nice to see your blog the idea is very good.keep it up and ALL THE VERY BEST.


  2. Hi souji,
    Good idea.All the best.


  3. hey, souju, it is really good idea to kill the time and give some good tips to others. All the best and please post some good number of recipes about chicken. specially healthy ways of cooking chicken and mutton

  4. Thanq murali...ya sure...i try to do that...

  5. The best pic of the whole blog for me was the chicken drumsticks' one ;D
    they were so lovelyyyy that i had to eat tandoori to appease myself on the day i saw that pic...waiting for more yummyyyy pics :D
    vry gud wrk on ur blog...all d best :)

  6. SOUJI its very nice, your home page is cool and pleasing.We liked it,even we have lot to learn from your blog.

    Subramanyam & Laxmi

  7. Thanq akka...i will keep up this work..try to post more stuff...gud day..:)

  8. souji,the whole work is very nice and it is a helping hand to the new comers. The order of pictures is very helpful to systematically understand and do the needful.

    Mr & Mrs Maha Laxmi Naidu

  9. Superb...Awesome...I like it.
    Looking forward for more varity of tasty andhra crispy or spicy snacks like bonda, punukulu, mysore bajji, vada, pakodi etc.,

    keep it up.

    Pavithra Latha Kalagara

  10. thanq latha...i will try to post all ur fav...:)

  11. Hi sowjanya.... its nice to see your blog.....very informative....keep up the good work....

    Ramya :)

  12. Hello Souji,

    Mee blog naku chala help ayindi..nenu try chesindi chicken paluo bhale vachindi..thank you so much!!


  13. Really very good site.. It looks as though someone is explaining this in person.. Keep it up...
    Andhra food is the best!!! Keep blogging to keep up the spirit of Andhra!!!

  14. hai souji....!very nice yar...keep it up...great going


Thanq for dropping by,your comments are my inspiration and best rewards for my efforts and can correctmyself if mistakes.