Mutton Fry(2)
"karam karamga...."


For boiling
Mutton (with/without bone) - 1lb
mint leaves
For Marinating
corriander seeds
garlic pods
cinnamon stick
For Fry
Onion - 1big
Corriander leaves

1. Take a heavy bottom vessel ,Add water(mutton should immerse),salt ,turmeric,mint leaves(optinal) and mutton.Let it boil for 30min.
2. After 30mins of boiling the meat will get tender.Marinate the mutton.

For Marinating
Grind together 1/2 tspn peppercorns,1tspn corriander seeds,3cloves,1"cinnamon stick,Red chilli powder,turmeric,3big garlic pods,2"ginger piece and little amount of water.Make it as a fine paste.
Add this grinded paste to the boiled mutton and mix nicely.marinate this for 30-45  mins.

For Frying
1.Take a wide mouth pan,heat 2 tbsp oil,fry the chopped onion with salt and turmeric till they turn golden brown.
2. Now add marinated mutton.Mix nicely and put lid. if u are using boned add very little amount of water(if you feel it is required) adjust salt,spice etc and keep stirring periodically.
3. Add chopped coriander leaves and curry leaves . Fry for 2 mins and switch off stove.

Your spicy mutton fry is ready to serve...
  • This would be time taken but its worthy of making it...
  • From the remaining water from the mutton boiling you can do soup out of it.which is healthy.
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This is an entry for the event "Iftar Nights"conducting by Mehjabeen Arif

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