Kobbari Annam/Coconut Rice with coconut milk
amma nerpindi

Kobbari annam is the flavored rice dish, is the  rice cooked in coconut milk along with other spices to enhance the flavours. It is simple to make and  no side dish required and the flavours are so good .It can also be enjoyed with aloo kurma or any kurma or chicken curry as per your choice . I can say that it is one of the best kind of vegetarian rice recipe made at home.

 You can enjoy the natural flavour of this but when not adding any other veggies like carrots,tomatos,etc which changes the flavor.But you can add some green peas and soy chunks my mom does it so...i like to add... So here is my version of kobbari annam / coconut rice recipe for you folks.

Here i used fresh coconut and extracted the milk.

Coconut milk,Soy chunks,Green peas
Whole garam masala
mint,coriander leaves

Rice - 2cups 
use can use any here i used basmati.
coconut milk - 3cups
Green peas - 1/2 cup
Soy Chunks
Green chili's - 5(adjust to your taste)
Cloves - 4
Cinnamon stick - 2(1')
Cardamom - 3
Bay leaves - 2
Mint leaves
Coriander leaves

Extracting coconut milk from fresh coconut.
1. Break the coconut and cut into small pieces and grind it in a mixer.

2. After that add 2 cups of water and blend it nicely and extract the milk with a cloth.This is the first milk you extracted This have much flavor.

3. Repeat the step again ,now the milk which you extracted is the second milk which have low flavor.
This whole milk is ready to use.

Procedure for making coconut rice
1. Heat ghee and oil in a cooking vessel on medium heat, add the cinnamom stick, cloves,cardomom( elachi) and bay leaf and fry for a few seconds. Add the green chillis saute for a minute  on medium heat.

2. Add Ginger garlic paste and fry until it looses its rawness and nicely fried.

3. Add milmaker (soy chunks) and fry until slightly brown (add pinch of salt while frying).Add the green peas and give a mix.

4. Add the drained rice and fry it for a minute. Add 3 cups of coconut milk and 1cup of water and salt(adjust accordingly). 

5. Finally add mint leaves and coriander leaves.

6. Here i am using electric cooker so i shift all this to an electric cooker and switch on.

7. Bring it to boil and Reduce heat and place lid and cook till rice is done.
Your Kobbari annam is ready to serve.

  • Adding Soy chunks,peas is an optional i like to add these because By adding these will not change the actual flavor of coconut rice.But if you add any veggies the vegetable flavor mixes with this.It is simply taste good by not adding anything.
  • If you want to serve alone then it is advisable to add soy chunks and peas.if you want to serve with koorma it is advisable to leave it simple. It is all upto you.
  • If you want it colorful you can add pinch if turmeric pwd.
  • For 2cup of rice You have to add 4cup milk or 3cup milk + 1cup water.or 2cup milk + 2cup water.All depends on your choice.Here i used the second option 3cup milk+1cup water.
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This is an entry for the event "Iftar Nights" conducting by Mehjabeen Arif

and event "Signature Recipes" conducting by Saraswathi

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