Chicken Avakaya/Andhra Chicken Pickle

Chicken Avakaya is one of the food i die for...:)This is one of the pickle which we cant stop making it when we taste it once.A usual like everybody i used to bring this pickle which was prepared by my mom whenever i go.But this time i also gave it a try it was good.Me and my hubby loved it.We like to have it often at least a piece....:)This is the second time i did.When i did first time i followed my mom measurements this time i reduced all the measurements by 1/4th of it because i want to reduce the spiciness of it as we eat it very often.Though i reduced the measurements it was grt!
Chicken pickle is prepared in many ways.This is my version of preparing.(not very spicy)
Do give a try..and enjoy the kick of andhra avakaya... 

Chicken boneless - 2lb/1kg
Fresh ginger garlic paste - 3/4cup     (Here the cup is rice cooker cup i am using.)
Red chilli powder - 1/2cup
Homemade Garam masala powder - 1/4 cup
Dry coconut powder for gravy - 1/2cup
Fresh Squeezed Lemon juice (6 lemons)- 3/4 cup
Salt - 1/4 - 1/2cup(adjust)
Oil - 3to4cups.

1. Wash the chicken and drain the water completely.Cut chicken into small cubes(2').

2. Marinate with little salt and turmeric and chilli powder for 10mins.

3. Deep fry them by batches and put aside.Each batch may take 10-12mins apprx. or till they get cooked.
You will know that they are almost cooked when all the bubbles get reduced and the chicken will change the colour to golden red/brown.
This is when i dropped the chicken for frying.

This is after 10-12mins of frying.

Take them aside to a plate.
4. Deep fry all the chicken and set aside.

4. Grind the fresh ginger and garlic to a paste.(i usually take equal quantity of ginger and garlic to make a paste)

The grinded ginger-garlic paste.

5. Add this paste to the same oil in which you fried chicken and took aside.Fry untill it turns golden colour.
Fry in a low flame.It takes fraction of mins to burn.

5. Add the coconut powder and stir it for 2min until it looses its rawness and switch of the flame.

6. Add Red chilli powder,Garam masala powder and salt mix it thoroughly.

7. Add the chicken pieces and mix.

8. Finally lemon juice and curry leaves.

9. Add some oil if necessary.(i have taken 4cups oil i dint add any more).

10. Store in a long bottle for 1 day and taste salt,lemon and chilli.adjust according to your taste and you can transfer it to a tight container of your choice.
Your Pickle is ready to serve with rice..

  • Homemade Garam masala can be prepared by roasting the (Cloves,Cinnamon sticks, Star anise,Green cardamom) and grinded to make a fine powder.
  • This pickle stay good for 4-5months easily.
  • Try to do it when you have time in your hand.
  • If you want less spice and more colour you can use paprika instead of red chili powder.
Thanq for watching the blog,any comments/feedback are appreciated.
Entry for the event Serve it-Fried conducting by Krithi and ohtastensee


  1. Yummy and delicious recipe.. looks gr8 !!

  2. delicious looking pickle haven't had pickled chicken

  3. Interesting chicken pickle..looks delicious..thanx for the visit at my space..glad to follow u :)

  4. hi,
    i was wondering if we should add chilli powder,salt and garam masala to the ginger,garlic and oil after letting it cool down for a while or while its hot???

    can we add poppy seeds and coriander seeds to the masala mixture???

  5. Looks nice. Good recipe. You know this make me hungry.

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  6. Wow.. First time I heard pickle with CHICKEN??? Will start preparing this. Thanks for sharing it around. Keep posting and update this blog. Good Luck:)

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