Boondi - Plain,Sweet boondi,Kara Boondi

Boondi is my all time favorite sweet/hot.Boondi is a snack deep fried using chick pea flour/besan (సెనగపిండి) batter using laddle with holes.This deep fried boondi can make sweet boondi by dipping them into sugar syrup.can make laddu by rolling them into balls.Kara boondi is more crispy seasoned with salt and red chili powder.
Plain boondi can be stored and used in making raitas,curry,payasam etc..
So,lets see how to make this boondi...easy to make..
Plain Boondi

Sweet Boondi

Karam Boondi
Basic Boondi
Chick pea flour/Besan/senagapindi
Oil - deep frying
Laddle with holes(here i m using boondi laddle)
Sweet Boondi
Sugar - 1cup,Water - 1cup for syrup
Cardamom - 3
Dry fruits(almonds,raisins/ur choice)
Ghee - 2tsp
Kara Boondi
Red chili powder
Curry leaves

1. Take chickpea/Besan/gram flour add water slowly and mix it continuously with spoon without any lumps and make a smooth batter.The batter should be free flow(but not very watery). Add 1/2 tsp of oil which makes more smooth.let it sit for 5mins.

2. Take a kadai add oil for deep frying.
3. Mix the batter once and drop a small batter drop to test the oil(heating)the drop should come up immediately.
4. Once the oil is ready hold the laddle(position the laddle on top of the pan)  with left hand and pour the batter on the laddle.slowly it drops use spoon for spreading on the laddle so that all the batter can be used which you poured on the laddle.

5. Do not put more over crowd.Once the vigorous bubbling of the oil stops, that's an indication that the boondis are done.
6. Remove them from the hot oil using another perforated spoon and put them on a paper towel to drain the excess oil.

7.Basic boondi is ready.
Basic Boondi can be used for raitas,curries,payasam
Boondi used for karam boondi/mixture (more crispier than regular)

Sweet Boondi
1.When you are decided to make sweet boondi  make sugar syrup parallel on other stove top.Take a cooking vessel and boil the water and sugar( equal amount) stir till the sugar melts.add the crushed cardamom.

2. Thicken the syrup slightly by cooking it on medium flame for 4-5mins.switch off the flame.
3. Add the boondi(when it is warm or hot)so that it absorbs the syrup nicely from kadai to the sweet syrup and give a mix.
4. Take a small pan add 2tsp ghee and add chopped nuts/dry fruits fry them until golden brown add them to the sweet boondi.

You can make laddus out of it by rolling with ur hands(apply ghee to your palms),You can ever serve like this or can stored in air tight container.

Karam Boondi
1. The boondi you use for kara boondi should be more crispy than regular one.So when you are making boondis if you are planing to make kara boondi fry until they are slight orange in colour not in yellow.So then they are good for karam boondi or used in Indian mixture.

2. Take a small bowl add salt and red chili powder(pachi karam not the curry ones)and give a mix.

3. Add the salt,chili mixture to the boondi and toss them nicely.
4. Take a small pan add 1tsp oil add peanuts,curry leaves and fry them for 1-2mins.Add them to the boondi and toss it.

Your Spicy Karam Boondi is ready to serve and store it in a air tight container. 

  • This boondi can be stored for 1 month.
  • If you want serve sweet boondi soft microwave for a min before serving.
  • If you don't have boondi laddle,dont worry you can use any with holes.Before this laddle  i used a strainer with small holes.:)
Thanq for watching the blog,any comments/feedback are appreciated.
Happy cooking!
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