Aratikaya Vepudu/Raw Banana fry
"crispy &spicy"

Hi!This is the quick simple recipe and an excellent side dish for dals/sambar.This can be done in 2ways either by deep frying or with an oil for 2 tbsp.The outcome will be the same.Only difference makes the way you cut the vegetable.The crispiness comes for the recipe when you cut very thin not with the oil you fry.Here i did with less oil but tastes like "spicy and crispy chips".

Raw banana/Aratikaya - 1Big
Red chili powder
Oil -2tbsp

1.Take out the skin of the aratikaya.

2.Cut them into round very thin slices.

3.Take a wide pan or tawa.Add 2tbsp of oil and spread finally add the sliced green platain/raw banana/aratikaya.

4.Fry them by tossing ,till brown and cooked.

5.Take a small bowl,add required salt and Red chili powder& mix them well so that when you add it to vegetable it coats well.

6.After it get fried add the salt & chili powder and toss them nicely until the spice mixes.

7.Do not close with the lid to stay crispy.

Your Crispy n spicy aratikaya vepudu is ready to serve.

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  1. Looks so crispy and tempting! Thanks a lot for dropping by my blog .U too have a lovely space with lot of wonderful recipes.

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