Homemade Paneer
"melting & soft"

Paneer is an Indian cheese which is one of  the sources of high protein.This is made by curdling heat milk with lemon juice or any other food acid.Paneer is used in many dishes including sweets.The cubes of it are prepared in dishes like palak paneer(paneer with spinach),mattar paneer(paneer with peas),paneer butter masala,paner tikka the list will go on...:)
First time when i prepared at home and cooked a dish using fresh paneer cubes it was like melting in the mouth,softer and fluffier..:)From that day experience whenever i want to prepare paneer dish i got habituated to prepare paneer 1st and then the dish.When i made it first time i felt bit tough but now i feel no trouble.It takes max of 10-15mins to curdle the milk then keep it rest for an 1hr-1 1/2hr ...But its real worthy of doing it.You will definitely find difference freezed/stored one with homemade.You will be more happy by watching your loved ones enjoying the taste of the dish.
Gud luck!

Whole Milk – 1ltr
Lemon Juice – 1/2 -1piece of lime
1.In a medium pot, bring Milk to a boil.

2. Slowly add Lemon Juice(by squeezing the lemon)  to the milk while continuously stirring.

3. Within 10-15 seconds, Milk should start to separate from the whey.

4. The milk is completely separated when the whey is a light greenish color.

5. Switch off the stove and let the pot sit for a few minutes.
6. Take a bowl with cheese cloth or thin cotton cloth on top of it. Pour milk solids.


7.Squeeze the water and make it sit flat on the colander and put some weight.here i used water with steel pot. 
The bottom one collects the strained liquid.
Middle one is colander/strainer.
Top one is steel pot with water for heavy weight.

8.Let it sit for 1hr.then open the cloth.

your homemade paneer is ready.You can cut them into squares.

  • The quantity which i cooked for 2.It gives 10 big squares which i used for paneer tikka.
  • If it is for gravy dish like palak,mattar i make small squares.
  • once you find the arrangements it will be easy for you to do next time.
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