Cabbage Chutney
"alternative 2 Coconut Chutney"

Hi!wants eat dosa with your favorite coconut chutney without using coconut..??here is the wonderful recipe that was learned from my mom making coconut chutney for any tiffins with cabbage.Beleive me you will not  know much difference between two.You can prepare this for the people who dont like  cabbage also..:)They think that is coconut chutney only by look and feel.Try it...!Here is the recipe...

cabbage(sliced) -1 cup
dhaniya - 1spoon
cumin seeds - 1spoon
garlic - 2 pods
green chillies
For tempering
curry leaves
urad dal
mustard seeds
bengal gram

1. wash the cabbage and cut into pieces.
2. Take a pan add 2 spoons oil after heating add garlic pods,green chillies.saute them for a minute and then add dhaniya(corrainder seeds),cumin seeds,cabbage pieces,tamarind very little and salt.fry it for a while and switch of the stove and let it cool.

3. After cooling blend the mixture finely but not adding any water.if it is very tight you can add very little water.
4. Finally tempering add 2 spoons of oil ina a pan after heating bengal gram,urad dal,mustard seeds and curry leaves.Add the tempering to the paste.

Your tasty and nutritous chutney is ready to serve with any kind of dosas.
  • Always use inner part(white colour) of the cabbage i mean the part not the very outer one(green colour)
  • so,i always do with left over cabbage piece.
  • it is a very good alternative to coconut chutney.
This is an entry for the event "Roti Pachadi/Chutney" conducting by Sravani.

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