Methi Roti with Raita

Hi!This is one of my "try out recipe". The reason of this try out is, usually the recipes cooked with methi are prepared only with the leaves of it not with the stem part bcoz of it's bitterness. One fine day i tried in this way cooking along with the stem also but i dint find any bitterness. It's quick and easy too. So It became my regular menu.but this can be done only with tender one.If you find any bitterness or so...let me also know...bcoz i m cooking the same recipe weekly once since a year.


For Roti
Oil - 2spoons
Garlic pods - 2
Green chilli's  -3
Methi leaves - 1 bunch
Cumin seeds - 1/2 teaspoon
Whole wheat flour - 2 cups

For Raita
Cucumber slices
Grated carrot
Green chillis
Urad dal,Bengal gram,Mustard seeds for tempering


1. Heat pan and pour 1 spoon oil ,after heating add 2  crushed garlic pods ,3 green chillis which are sliced.and fry them for 1 min.

2. Add finely cleaned and chopped methi leaves, salt,turmeric,crushed cumin seeds and close with lid.after 5-7 minutes the methi leaves will get cooked.i try to leave moisture so that no need to add water for preparing dough.

3. Take whole wheat flour and mix it with cooked methi leaves and prepare a soft dough.Let it rest for 15mins.It makes  chapathis soft.(As i have taken close up photo the pieces of stem are looking big it should be very small while cutting)

4. Make balls, dip each one into dry whole wheat flour, and roll out into thin circles. Place a flat, ungreased griddle on the stove at medium-high . When hot, place a rolled-out chapati  on the griddle.  cook until tiny brown spots appear.

your hot methi roti is ready to serve

  • This method of making roti take less time and takes more quantity of leafy it can be more nutitious. 
  • you can store the remaining dough in a air tight box and put in a fridge and use it for other day.
  • you can cut with the stem part but not from the very bottom .you can start cutting from where u can find thin stem.we can find no more bitter.

Procedure for Raita

1. Take one bowl and add thick curd ,small sliced cucumber,grated carrot and salt.
2. Take small pan add 1 spoon oil after heating  add urad dal,bengal gram,cumin,mustard seeds,small sliced    green chillies add this whole tempering into the curd mixture.
your raita is ready to serve with roti 

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