Health benefits of Fruits


Why Fruit??

Including fruits in your diet is one sure way to a healthier body. A daily intake of these delicious foods can be of great benefit to your body in various ways.
  • The human body consists of 80% of water. So what should humans eat: food that contains 80% water. There is no other food than fruit on this planet that contains on average 80% water.
If you think about it, it is very logical to have food that contains much water. Al right, you say, then I just drink 8 to 12 glasses of water each day, so I can have as much food that doesn't contain much water as I want. Bad luck, this won't work. You cannot cleanse your body by flooding it with water. Instead of drowning your body, you only have to eat food that is rich in water: fruit, fruit juices and vegetables.

Why is it better to consume food that has lots of water in it? 

All the fixed substances that you consume have to be digested. A steak for instance can take 8-10 hours to digest, while a fruit salad only takes about 30 minutes! If you squeeze the fruit salad and drink the juice, your body can integrate the nutritious elements even faster. In this way your body can use its energy for other purposes than digesting. For example thinking or detoxifying. 

  • Fruit is 100% cholesterol free.
  • Fruit simulates the memory
  • Don't forget to eat fruit on an empty stomach, not after other meals.
  • Are like all other fruits excellent food. What's very special about watermelons is that they contain as much iron as spinach. Eat as much of them as you like.
  • Olives and avocados contain a lot of different nutritious element
  • Don't eat more than one banana a day if you gain weight easily
  • The skin contains most of the apple's important nutrients. 
  • Raw apples are higher in many nutrients and phytochemicals than cooked apples.

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