Mutton Fry(1)
" boneless"

Hi!This mutton fry is one of my "try out"recipe.the outcome was very good.So i am sharing with you.You may like it too..:)usually mutton is a hard meat so we always prefer to do curries out of it or if we want dry item we usually boil and then fry it.this time i tried to make the meat tender(using curd) without cooking and then fried it with turned out yummy...


For marinating
Mutton boneless 
Ginger Garlic paste
Red chilli powder 
Garam Masala powder
Green chillies
Oil - 1spoon
Red food colour(optional)

For fry
Curry leaves
Crushed Peppercorn


1. Wash the mutton with salt and turmeric and cut into small pieces.
2. Add all the above ingredients under "marinating".
3. Its good to marinate before night and keep the curd acts as a tenderizer.
4. Heat a wide mouth pan,add 2-3 tbspns oil,add curry leaves,crushed peppercorns fry it for a while.
5. Add the marinated mutton(only the mutton pieces try not to add the water of it) and keep frying with an open lid but stir it periodically till it get cooked and check for the spices,if required add them and fry.
6. When it becomes dry, switch off the stove.

Your mutton fry is ready to serve as a side dish with onions and lemon wedge.

  • This recipe is good with boneless mutton rather than with bone.
  • The curd you are adding should be thick and not creamy(meegada).

Thanq for watching my blog.comments or feedback are appreciated.

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