Sorakaya Pulusu/Bottle guard in spicy tangy sauce

Bottle guard is one of the favorite vegetables in Indian Cuisine.But it was not my favourite only 1 or 2 recipes. After knowing the benefits of it i decided to make it a regular meal. There are lots of health benefits some of them are Cooling Effect ,Blood Pressure and Heart Treatments. Its high water content makes it very cooling and lot more. This is one of the tastiest recipes of bottle guard. 

Sorakaya - small
Oil - 2tbsp
Green chilli's - 2
Onion(big) - 1
Tomato - 1
Tamarind - lemon size
Red chilli powder - 1tbsp
Garam masala powder -1tbsp
Corriander Leaves(hand full)

1. Peel the skin of the bottle guard and cut into cubes(medium size will be good).
2. Make a paste of onion and tomato in a mixer and slit the green chilli's.

3. Take a pan add 2tbsp of oil after heating add the slit green chilli's and onion-tomato paste and fry till it looses out oil.

4. Add the pieces of bottle guard,pinch of salt and put lid for a while.

5. Add red chilli powder,tamarind pulp and water to the pieces.
6. Let it boil for 10-12mins till it looses oil at the top.Add the corriander leaves and switch off the flame.

Sorakaya pulusu is ready to serve with rice.

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This is an entry for the event "Flavours of South India"conducting by Nayna

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