Carrot Chutney
not sweet,spicy...!!

Hi!As we all know carrots are excellent source of antioxidant compounds that helps to protect against cardiovascular disease(heart disease) and promotes good vision.It is the richest vegetable source of vitamin A and many more.when we think of carrot we always remember sweetness of we cannot have our carrot in everyday recipes.As we always prefer to have spicy.I hope this is one of the  recipe that can add to your everyday recipes.(good with dosas).

carrot slices - 1cup
onion slices - 1cup
green chillies - 4 or 5(according to your taste)
dhaniya - 1spoon
cumin seeds - 1spoon
garlic - 1 pod
For tempering
curry leaves
mustard seeds
bengal gram


1. Take a pan add 2 spoons oil after heating add garlic pods,green chillies.saute them for a minute and then add dhaniya(corrainder seeds),cumin seeds,1cup sliced carrot,1cup sliced onion,tamarind very little and salt.fry them till they are half cooked,don't overcook.

2. switch of the stove and let it cool.

3. After cooling blend the mixture finely but not adding any water.
4. Finally tempering, add 2 spoons of oil in  a pan after heating add bengal gram,urad dal,mustard seeds and curry leaves.Add the tempering to the grinded paste.

your carrot chutney is ready to serve with any kind of dosas..
This is an entry for the event "Roti pachadi/Chutney" conducting by Sravani

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