Chole/Chana Masala

Chole/Chana masala is a popular vegetable dish in Northern India.The main ingredients is chick peas/chana/Garbanzo beans cooked in a spicy gravy with sour note.It is mostly served with Roti/chapathi/puri.

Chana/Chick peas - 1can
Tomatoes - 2
Onion -1(med)
Green chillies 1
Turmeric powder 1tsp
Red chili powder -1/2tsp
Chana masala powder -1tsp
Amchur powder(dry mango) -1/2 tsp
Garam masala - 1/2tsp
Corriander leaves
Whole Garam Masala(2cloves,1'cinamon stick,bay leaf)
Oil - 3tsp

1. Soak 4 cups of chickpeas in water overnight or atleast 6 hours. Take them in a pressure cooker, add salt, one teabag(optional) or turmeric pwd and water and pressure cook them until they are just tender. Take care not to overcook. Drain the water and separate 1/4 of cooked chickpeas and Blend these  into into thick, smooth paste with little water.
2. Make a paste of Tomatoes and green chilis.

3. Take a pan add oil after heating, add whole garam masala(1bay leaf,2cloves,1' cinnamon stick,fry for a 1/2 min and add finely chopped onions fry until they turn brown.

4. Add ginger,garlic paste fry it until it looses its rawness.

5. Add the Tomato paste and saute until it looses oil.

6. Add the chick peas,chickpeas paste,salt,red chilli powder and chana masala powder.

7. Add water enough to make thick gravy. Bring the gravy to boil.
8. Finally add amchur powder,garam masala powder mix well let it simmer it for 5min with lid and switch off the stove .Let it stand for 2-3 mints and serve.
 Your Yummy Yummy Chana Masala/Chole is ready to serve with roti/naan/puri.
  • I want the dish to be gravy kind so i made paste of the cooked chick peas.If you want it dry skip that step.
  • If you use canned chick peas no need of soaking & pressure cook.
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