Andhra Mirapakaya bajji/Mirchi bajji

Hi!Mirapakaya bajji is an excellent evening snack on a rainy day.It was raining i feel like eating mirapakaya bajji .It is a famous street food in andhra.i am an all time favourite to all bajjis.When i wish to eat bajji i will be confused what to choose,i feel like eating all but finally i choose one.:)But when it is raning i definitely choose mirapakaya/mirchi bajji.There are many ways of stuffing i regularly use this stuffing.

Usually we use whole green chili by making slit this time i made them half and did, the outcome was good so thought of sharing with you.
Green chillies -2 (I have taken JalapeƱos)
For stuffing
Tamarind paste - 1tsp
Mint leaves (paste) - 2tsp
cumin seeds - 1tsp
For Batter
Gram flour - 1cup
Ajwain/vaamu- 1tsp
Baking soda - pinch
For Deep Frying
1.Make a Paste of tamarind,Mint leaves,salt,Cumin seeds and set aside.The paste should be very thick not watery.
2.Wash the Green chillies and cut in the middle and make into 2pieces.

3.Remove the seeds of the Green chili.( if you want hot let some seeeds stay).
4.Fill the green chili with the paste.

Making Batter
1.Take gram flour add salt,baking soda,ajwain seeds and add water little by little to make a paste.It should be thick not watery not very thick.

Making Bajji's
1.Take a pan add oil for deep frying.Put the flame in medium high.Check whether oil is hot or not by dropping a small drop of batter when it puffs up immediately it is the right time to start bajji.
2.Take mirchi/green chili dip in the batter and deep fry them in the oil.

3.Fry them till they are golden in colour.

4.After they got fried transfer them to a paper towel.
first fried
5.I want bajji to be more fluffy so i dipped them again and fried.(optional).
Final Serving
1.Make a cut in the middle and stuff finely chopped onions with salt,lemon juice mixed.
after second fried

Your hot hot mirapakaya bajji is ready to serve.

  • I did this method of preparation as i had less no of mirchi but want more no of bajji.But this outcome was the same.Try it!

Thanq for watching the blog,any coments/feedback are appreciated.If tried happy to know the outcome.
Happy cooking!

This is an entry for the event "Flours of South India"conducting by Nayna

and event serve it - Fried conducting by krithi and Ohtastensee


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