Kobbari Rotti
healthy breakfast/snack

Hi!Kobbari rotti is my regular snack/breakfast which was prepared by my mom since my childhood.It is a healthy food that can be served as a breakfast/snack for the kids.I do prepare this dish when i have fresh coconut.Whenever i use coconut as prasadam to god i always think what to do other than chutney,coconut rice.Sometimes i feel like eating this rotti so yesteerday i prepared this as i am available with fresh coconut.It is very easy to prepare.
Using Tawa

Using Oven

Urad dal/Minapappu - 1cup
idly ravva - 11/2 cup
Fresh grated coconut - 2cups
Jaggery/Bellam - 1 1/2 cup(adjust acc to ur taste)
oil/ghee - 1tsp

Preparing the batter
1.Soak the urad dal/minapappu and idly ravva overnight.

2.Wash and Grind the urad dal/minapappu.

3.Mix the idly ravva to the grinded urad dal/minapappu.

4.To this batter add fresh grated coconut and mix nicely with hand.
Grated Jaggery,Grated fresh Coconut

5.After the thorough mix add salt,grated jaggery and mix nicely with hand until all the jaggery got mixed.After you add jaggery and give a mix the batter will become loose as the jaggery melts.
The final batter look like this

6.Taste the batter (sweetness,coconut etc)and adjust according to it and mix.

Using Oven
1.Preheat the oven on 350F.
2.Take a cake pan or any oven proof dish that fits your batter.Here i have taken 9''round cake pan.Grease it will oil/ghee.

3.Place the batter in the pan and cover it with foil.

4.Cook it for 20mins on 350F.
5.Let it stand for 5min and serve.
This is how it cooked(top one)

Bottom one(i reversed it to show you)

Using Tawa on flame
1.Place the tawa on the flame in very low flame.Grease with oil/ghee.

2.Place the batter in 1''thick close with a lid.let it cook for 12-15mins.

3.Check whether it is cooked or with toothpick.

Using Steam
1.Take a heavy bottom vessel fill it with 3-4cups of water and let it boil.
2.Place the batter in any greased pan/dish which can fit in the boiling water vessel and cover with a lid.
3.Let it cook  for 12-15min depends on how much amount you cook.

  • You can cut into pieces and serve.
  • This can be stored in a plastic container and can stay good for 2 days.
Thanq for watching the blog,any comments are appreciated.if tried,let me know the outcome.
Happy cooking!


  1. This really sounds so wonderful..never knew about this, thanks for sending it across.

  2. Thanq...srivalli..Nice to hear that you like it..
    happy anniversary!

  3. absolutely new....which region does this rec belong to?...

  4. Nice, that you liked it...
    my grandma used to do this recipe.I learnt from my mom.we are from visakhapatnam - Andhra Pradesh - India.

  5. never heard of this but the stove top one looks delicious...

  6. Usage of oven is interesting... Looks tempting.. new recipe for me.. will try soon

    Following u :)

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  8. Hey, I was browsing through the net for this recipe since long time but in vain, my mom used to make it Yum and she is no more now...Thank you for getting this on net and helping ppl out. Really greatful to you!!!


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