Vankaya Karam/Stuffed Brinjal Fry
"Simple & Superb"

Vankaya Karam is a quick,simple&tasty recipe which is andhra special.This lovely recipe can be a side dish with dals/sambar/rasam and rice.This gets me excited whenever I try to cook it for the day’s meal.Coarsely/Fine ground spices stuffing for the brinjals that are roasted on slow fire till they are cooked and  achieve a succulent yet crisp texture. Small, purple tender brinjals work best for this recipe.

Vankayalu/Brinjals - 1/4Kg - Wash,make + quarters and apply oil
Oil - 1tspn
For Stuffing
Corriander seeds/Dhaniyalu -1 1/4tsp
Cumin seeds - 1 1/2
Methi seeds - 1/4
Chana dal/Bengal gram/senaga pappu - 1
Urad dal/Minapappu - 1 1/4
Dried Red chili - 3-4(acc to ur taste)
Curry Leaves 
Ground nuts - 2tspn
Tamarind(very small) or Dry mango powder or Chaat masala for sourness 
Turmeric powder

1. Take a wide pan dry roast all the above ingredients under "for stuffing" and make a fine powder.It should not be wet.

2. Stuff that powder to the brinjal.
3.Take a wide pan(small or big acc to ur no of brinjal)add 1tspn oil Place the stuffed brinjals in the oil and cook on high flame for 4-5 mts. Now, cover with lid and let them cook on medium flame for 10 mts. Keep checking in between and stir fry to ensure they don’t burn or stick to the pan

4. Now on low flame nicely roast the brinjals without lid. It should take 30mts apprx  for the brinjals to cook inside and be well roasted.

Your Vankaya karam vepudu/Stuffed brinjal fry is ready to serve with rice,dal/sambar..hmm....yummy:)

  • If the brinjals are big and not very tender.then first saute them in oil till they are half cooked/become soft later stuff the fine powder and again nice roast the brinjals.You too can have the tasty yummy fry.
  • Remaining powder can be stored in a air tight container and can use it for next time or other vegetable like Bitter gourd etc
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