Andhra Chepala Pulusu/Fish pulusu

Chepala pulusu is fish cooked in a tangy tamarind sauce with freshly ground spices. served with hot steamed white rice and sliced onions.

I grown up in a  place of natural harbor(vizag)If i go to the fish market with my mom,she asks my choice. my trouble starts, confusion what to choose...i feel like taking all the varieties...:)the same confusion when it comes for cooking.My mom usually asks me what is my wish to eat either pulusu or fry, again confusion starts (wants to eat both)..:)..But i tell my mom to cook only one dish finally...Surprise time!!! at the dining have both the varieties...bcoz she is "mom".....:)
Cooking with all these memories is a wonderful time and sharing with you too...

Fish - 1lb or 1/2kg
Onion - 1(big)
Tomato - 1(small)
Green chilies - 3
Ginger garlic paste - 11/2tsp
Tamarind - big lemon size
Red chili powder - 11/2tsp
Garam masala powder - 1/2tsp
Turmeric - 1/4tsp
Oil - 3tsp
Coriander leaves

1. Clean the fish with bit of salt in a water and drain the water completely.Marinate the fish with salt,red chili powder,turmeric.(here i used red snapper which is red in color).

2. Make a paste of onion and tomato(cut onion and tomato into piece and grind them).

3. Heat oil in a wide pan after heating add slit green chilies.

4. Add the paste of onion and tomato saute them till they turn light brown in color or till looses oil.Add ginger garlic paste and saute for 5min until it looses its rawness.

5. Add the marinated fish,reduce the flame to low and put lid and let it cook for 5mins.turn the fish carefully and simmer it again with lid for 5more mins.

6. Add the tamarind pulp,water,all the spices and put the lid and cook for 12-15min apprx.Let the sauce thicken and till the oil separates.(Here i added 1cup of tamarind extract and 11/2-2 cup of water)adjust according to the sourness of your tamarind and to your taste.
soak the tamarind and extract.

7. Finally add the coriander leaves.

Your hot and yummy chepala pulusu/fish pulusu is ready to serve.

  • Do not stir too much with ladle otherwise the fish pieces break and be gentle while stirring the fish pieces. To stir the fish pieces in between , use the handle of the cooking pan with your hands and rotate the pan clockwise so the content in the pan moves. 
  • Serve it after a hour of cooking so that the fish pieces absorb the tangy flavour of the tamarind sauce and spices.
  • If you want to make it more tasty use freshly grinded paste of ginger and garlic and dry roasted and powder of spices like coriander,cumin,whole garam masala.
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  1. Loved your spicy preparation, looks very tempting.

  2. looks delicious dear..very it..


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