Andhra Ulli Pesarattu/Whole moong dal dosa

Ulli Pesarattu is one of the famous traditional breakfast in Andhra..pesarattu with upma combo tastes heavenly...
This is prepared with whole/split moong dal.

Whole moong dal 
Green chilies
Ginger - 2" piece 
Cumin seeds

1. Soak whole moong dal in water for overnight or 3-4hrs.Dal should be break when you pinch with hand.It is ready to grind.

2. Drain water add soaked dal ,4-5 green chilies,ginger and blend them to make a smooth batter by adding little water and batter look like this(not too thin).add required salt to the batter.Chop onions,Green chilies finely set aside.

3. Heat an iron flat pan(pan should be hot) Pour one ladle full of batter into the center of pan and spread it around in a circular fashion (from inside out) shaping the batter into a thin round.

4. Top finely chopped onions,green chilies,cumin seeds spray oil.Cook until it turns golden brown in colour.

5. Fold the dosa and serve with coconut/ginger/peanut chutney.

  • You can use split/whole.but whole moong dal takes time to get soaked.
  • When the batter is soft,thin and when it turns brown no need to flip over it.When we add chopped onion it is difficult to flip over.When you fold the onions also get cooked due to the heat of dosa.
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  1. I always wanted to make this.. But never had my hands on it yet... Yours look perfect..

  2. Healthy and yummy dosa...Will try it soon

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  4. Pesarattu looks superb and appetizing with chutney.

  5. I love pesarattu.. Will add a little rice in mine... your pics tempts me..
    Krithi's Kitchen

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  13. First time here Soujanya, your blog looks beautiful and nice collection of recipes. Pesaratu is perfect and yummy. Glad to follow you.

    Do visit my space when time permits.

  14. Yummy & delicious dosa...they go well with upma too...

  15. This is honestly one of my fav breakfast dishes or even dinner! Love it and so healthy!

  16. Healthiest dosa ever ~ it looks delcious!
    US Masala


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