Dry fruit/Nut laddu with Dates

           Dry fruit/nut laddu is highly nutritious.Its a natural health food.It is zero fat with tasty and high nutrients.Eating one ball daily good for you.Quick and easy to prepare.I learnt this from my mom.she used to give me one laddu per day bcoz i used to cry to eat nuts especially walnuts but i used to love this laddu bcoz the sweetness of dates added to nuts will not let us know what nuts we are eating..so i used to eat this so happily.Now i started making this.so i would like to share with you.

Dates-They are wonderful source of iron.calcium,magnesium,fiber are some of great reasons to love them of course of its sweetness too.
Almonds - These are powerhouse of protein as well as a top source of disease-fighting antioxidants.
Pumpkin seeds - They are highly nutritional loaded with iron and protein.
Walnuts - walnuts improve cholesterol levels

Nuts - (
pumpkin seeds
dry cherries)
Seedless Dates
Ghee/butter - 1tsp

1. Chop almonds,cashews,walnuts.dry roast all the nuts till very light gold brown.set aside.After cooled add these nuts to the blender/mixer and turn on just once to twice.(dont make fine powder it should be mukka chekka)

2. Chop all seedless dates.take a pan add 1tsp ghee,add the chopped dates and cook under very low flame till it becomes soft and mushy.

3. Add the nuts and mix it thoroughly.switch off the flame.

4. Take the mixture on a plate.and let it cool to make balls.(apply ghee to ur hand)

  • You can use any nuts of your choice.
  • Dates should be of equal/more quantity compared to dry fruits.

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This is an entry for the event "fast food not fat food"conducting by Vardhini and priya



  1. This recipe looks interesting and must try.


  2. Dry fruit laddoos are looking delicious.

  3. very easy n nice enegry laddoos :), healthy snack in minutes rt :)

  4. Laddoos look awesome... have seen them in sweet shops , never thought that it can be made at home. U r so right - very healthy and easy to prepare:) Love it..
    Enjoyed browsing through your recipes... Glad to follow u:)Happy blogging..

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