Pulihora/Tamarind rice

Pulihora is a tamarind flavored rice which usually makes for festivals,pujas etc.Especially for festivals like sankranthi,diwali my mom makes this dish as a "must" for family get togethers. so i grown up watching my mom making in lot for us. it is one of the quick recipe to make for lunch box or as a tiffin. I always keep the tamarind pulp in bulk in my refrigerator/freezer which makes more easy to prepare.

cooked rice(choice of urs) -1cup
Tamarind pulp - 3tbsp
turmeric pwd -1tsp
green chilies -5(adjust acc to ur taste)
ginger - 1inch piece
mustard seeds -1/2tsp
urad dal/split black gram - 1tbsp
chana dal - 1tbsp
red chili - 3-4
hing/asafoetida -1/4tsp
curry leaves -10
peanuts - 1fistfull
oil - 3-4tbsp

1.cook the rice with 2 cups of water and spread the rice in a big bowl/plate.

2.Add salt,turmeric,tamarind pulp to the rice and mix.set aside.

3.Take a pan add oil when its hot add mustard seeds let them splutter.add chana dal,urad dal,red chiles.fry them for a minute till they turn light brown.now add ginger and slit green chilies and peanuts.let them fry for a minute.finally add curry leaves and hing. so that curry leaves have its green color and hing flavor smell.

4.Now add this mixture to the rice and give it a mix thoroughly.adjust the salt,sourness of tamarind.personally i like to be sour and spicy.


  • If you add the pulp and tempering seperately(this way) the tempering,peanuts will be more crispy and crunchy while eating.
  • After tempering you can add tamarind extract (not the pulp)and cook till thick paste(takes 5-7mts) and add to the rice.
  • tamarind pulp is the tamarind extract cooked until thick paste.


  1. tamarind rice is my all time fav... 1 st time here nice collection,when ur free please drop into my space

  2. Reminds me of my mom's Puli Saadham. Thanks for the recipe!!

  3. Souji garu chala thanks for this yummy pulihora recipe.my 4 year old little girl,hubby and me loved it..

  4. First time ayina chala baaga kudirindi.ma Amma chesinantha bagundi.thanks a lot :) for ur recipe again.

  5. I love Tamarind rice! This is a great recipe, just wish the pictures were still up. Great use of your kitchen.

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