lentil "Pizza" with ur own toppings

Uthappam is a south Indian breakfast.This is one of the healthier one. My mom makes this recipe with leftover idly batter but some of them prepare with dosa batter also.Uthappam is basically prepared with batter as a base and with different toppings with your choice  like chopped onion,green chilis,etc
Here is the uthappam with my own toppings..hope you like it.

Idly batter mix with salt - 2cup
Chopped onion - 1/2
Grated carrot - 1
Green chilies - 2
Cumin seeds - 1tsp
Coriander leaves
Grated Ginger - 1tsp
oil - 1tsp

1. Pre-heat a non-stick tawa or griddle and spread a tsp of oil over it.

2. Pour a ladle full of batter and spread it, thicker than a dosa (about 1/2″- 3/4″ thickness).

3.Top it with finely chopped onions,coriander leaves, grated carrot,cumin seeds,grated ginger and green chillies.

4. Cook on simmer with a lid for 5min or until cooked.

Your healthy uthappam is ready for breakfast.

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  1. GREAT! but you forgot the chutney on the side. . .


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