7 link game

Hi friends!!!
By now you may heard the "7link game".I got this opportunity from friend laxmi...Thank you dear...
This is a chance to go through all the recipes and judge ourselves.I started this blog so that i can share some of my culinary traditions,tips,any info what i learned...
Coming to the game part-The blogger who is tagged in this game has to choose the posts according to the categories.
The categories are:
The most beautiful post,The popular post,Most helpful post,The post did not get attention it deserved,The post that was surprisingly successful,The post you are proud of,The controversial post..
                                                                    The most beautiful Post
                                                         Popular Post
Kalchina Vankaya pachadi

Most helpful Post
Why Fruit???
                                                                 Surprisingly Popular
Minapappu Idli

The post that did not get attention it deserved
Pesala bobattu

                                                               The post I am proud of
Grilled whole fish
Now i need to chose 5 blogger friends whom i should link to this game

1.Ramya's recipe
3.Nirmalas Kitchen
4.Yumm Yumm
5.Jabeen's Corner
I hope You accept and continue this game


  1. nice recipes..i liked grilled fish the most. Thanks for tagging me dear, but I have already posted my links a few days ago.http://ramyasrecipe.blogspot.com/2011/09/7-links-tag-game.html

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  2. good collection of recipes dear, like all these great posts..

  3. Nice collection of recepies & glad to Follow u .....

  4. Cool dishes the grilled fish delicious.

  5. Enjoyed going through your posts...

  6. Nice collection of recipes :))
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner


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